mardi 2 octobre 2012


Marc Appart  of Belgian nationality, is born in 1961 in Lubumbachi ZaÏre, Africa. 

Since 1982 he has worked as a composer, designer, sculptor and scenic artist in the art galleries of Brussels (Willy d'Huysser gallery) and Paris (Galerie Mostini).Since 2013 ,he is represented by Alain Chuderland Futur
Antérieur gallery Brussels.

His work as a visual artist and designer has been shown  at exhibitions and in museums throughout Europe.
With Metadesign and Travaux publics asbl, he conceives exhibitions and projects in the field of Ecology,Culture and Sustainable society.
As a composer, he has created music for movies and has designed sound for the dance company Kobalt Works / Arco Renz in their pieces;" Elea: Sphingen"1998, "Think me Thickness"/2001, "Mirth"/2002, ".States"/2003, "Dreamlands"/2003, "Heroïne"/2004," Opium"/2005, "Bullit"/2006," i!2 "/2008,"PA" et "dock" 2009,Mad,"1001"/ 2010, "Crack", "2069","Dust "/2011. "Solid States "/2012 .Taburopa 2014 Coke 2014 Hanoi Stardust 2014 Krisis 2014 Alpha 2014 East 2015.
Member of The South wing compagny in Brooklyn USA , directed by Kameron Steele, he wrote and performed live music for "Hanjo", a contemporary Noh play by Mishima.
His compositions for “Hanjo” were first presented at the Teatro Degollado in Guadalajara, Mexico in 2003 and presented as part of the Mexico NOW Festival at Here Arts center NYC in 2004.  “Hanjo(REDUX)”  at Crs studio theater NYC February, 2006.

“The gospel according to Jack vitrollo” at “Here Arts center “  NYC Jan 2008. "Aoi was presented at Institut del Teatre de  Barcelona 2006, at  The Japan society New York in May 2007,   The Prelude '07 Festival at The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center, New York and at Ps 122 /"undergroundzero festival/ NYC 2009 
Ventana" work in progress  2010 Guadalajara, Mexico.
“No Exit”: Light Lab , Calarts, Los Angeles  2012
Project coordination for the Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels 2006  Surasi Kuselwong installation.
For Catalina Gonzalez, he performed live music for ”Feathers from the sky” at the St Marks Church in the Bowery Manhattan NYC (2006) .                                   
In Jully 2007 music for  dance performance “Hari Ini”, concept and choreography Hartati , production Ines Somellara at Goethe institut,Jakarta Indonesia , and "Cinta 'Kita " October 2008 at the Luwes theater Jakarta.

Sounds walks and podcast  for the French community of  Belgium ( EU Leader + program) .2009

Musical score for the theatre performance "One night in Afghanistan" /2010. by the collective Future3  Köln Germany, 2010.

Music for  dance performance "Zones" Lise Vachon and Igor Shyshko  Théatre Marni  Bruxelles 2012

Galerie Griot 2013 Paris.

Original music and sound design for Eisa Jocson "Host" 2015